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Over the past 10 years, there’s been a steady increase in the number of couples deciding to elope for their special day. What was once seen as a taboo subject, is now extremely popular – and with good reason! If you’re considering whether to elope in Pigeon Forge, here are 9 reasons it’s a great idea. We’ll also show you how Pigeon Forge is one of the most romantic places in the USA to do it. And, here at Elope to Gatlinburg, we can make your dreams a reality.

Eloping in Pigeon Forge, TN Without the Stress

There’s often a huge pressure with large family weddings. What begins with a simple ceremony can end up a mammoth ordeal; complete with dinner for 150 people, dealing with in-laws, bookings, and constant stress.lovely couple gets elopes in pigeon forge

To elope means removing the pressure of the traditional wedding. It also means you have a huge amount of freedom to get married wherever and whenever you want – imagine that!

In Pigeon Forge, there’s a huge choice of intimate locations for your marriage ceremony. These range from tranquil rivers, picture-perfect mountainsides, parks, and quaint chapels. The main benefit of eloping to Pigeon Forge is the chance to do it your way.

Elope to Gatlinburg (which also serves Pigeon Forge) has been offering Pigeon Forge elopements since 2013. Ready to buck the trend of traditional weddings? With our Pigeon Forge elopements, we can help make your day everything you dreamed it to be.


Less Time Planning, More Time Enjoying

Planning the perfect wedding starts out fun. It’s a huge milestone in life and makes most people giddy with excitement.

And then, a few months later, reality begins to settle in:

  • “HOW many people do we invite?”
  • “Where can we book for that many guests?”
  • “Don’t forget the dress fittings.”
  • “What about +1 guests? We don’t want to upset anyone.”
  • “The photographer costs HOW MUCH?”

We’ve found the number one reason many couples elope is due to planning. Instead of trying to accommodate everyone, focus on yourself and a small number of genuinely close friends and family.

Many wedding locations in Pigeon Forge serve between 10 and 20 people.

It’s More Authentically You

Sometimes, it feels like the world of weddings is made up of a million little rules, expectations, and traditions to follow. Some couples love these rituals and really do want the traditional wedding; however, for those who crave something that speaks a little more of themselves, eloping in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee can give back some control.

Eloping means doing exactly what you want, whether that’s getting married with a small number of guests or just the two of you – make it exactly what you want.

For those who love a little adventure in their life, eloping means you can get married in almost any way you wish. Fancy hiking into the woods to get hitched? You can’t do that with 150 guests!

Being Able to Say No

Let’s be honest, what could be less intimate than a room full of 150 people watching you? Unfortunately, this is the reality of large weddings; making genuine interaction between the happy couple and their family hard to achieve.

It’s not just the fact you can’t spend more than a few minutes with each guest either. 8 hours of conversation and people greeting will make even the fittest person tired by evening – not the best way to start married bliss! The other problem with large guest numbers is that your wedding day begins to feel less about you and more about the day itself.

One of the nice things about Pigeon Forge elopements is that you can keep any guest list short and sweet. There’s a wonderful freedom in being able to say no, it’s less tiring too!


Escape the Family Drama

gorgeous couple elopes in pigeon forge, tennesseeWe’ve all been to weddings where something shocking happened. From alcoholic uncles drinking too much, to mothers-in-law creating a huge scene; family wedding drama is never romantic! There’s also the stress of seating arrangements, particularly in families with difficult dynamics.

Not every couple has a particularly strong relationship with everyone in their family. Whilst there might be a small number of important people close to them, inviting every aunt, uncle or cousin just feels wrong.

Your wedding is something you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. Eloping means you can skip the family drama, surrounding yourself with those you really cherish.

Many wedding locations within Pigeon Forge are designed for small groups. Mynatt Park, for example, caters for up to 10 guests – not a drunk uncle or troublesome aunty in sight!

Pigeon Forge elopement packages are affordable

On average it costs $35,000 to get married in the USA. That’s a reliable new car, deposit on a family home, or repayment of student loans.

Of course, many couples get help from parents and in-laws to manage the cost of a wedding; however, this can often come with their own problems. For many families, the spending of money comes with strings attached – quickly turning your special day into someone else’s idea of a great time.

By eloping in Pigeon Forge, you can focus on the excitement and experience of getting married, without getting caught up in the consumption of it all. You can choose exactly where and how to spend your budget, focusing on the experiences that you’ll enjoy – rather than spending on a tick list of traditional wedding day extras. Since Elope to Gatlinburg has affordable Pigeon Forge elopement packages, you won’t begin married life together in debt.

Your Wedding Photos Can Be Incredible

Getting married in a church, everyone’s done that right? Old news.

Do you know what’s cool? Getting married by a mountain/river/stream, the limit really is dependent on your imagination.

One of the cool by-products of this is truly awesome wedding photos. You can choose exactly where and how you get married, resulting in an experience much more unique. Many wedding photographers spend their days trying to capture moments that don’t look too forced, often with limited results!

Eloping makes for more intimate locations and less rushing, perfect for capturing special moments.


Focus on the Important Things

In the middle of a large and busy traditional wedding, it’s easy to lose sight of your marriage and exactly what it means. It’s oh so easy to focus on the unimportant stuff, such as looking after guests and making sure the venue looks perfect.

Eloping with a small guestlist removes all that. Instead of worrying about the day, you can focus on your marriage, your partner, and the life you’re about to share.

Pigeon Forge Elopements are a Beautiful Way to Say “I do!”

Wherever your journey takes you, getting married in Pigeon Forge is a wonderful way to begin. There are many picturesque locations and chapels to choose from, and venues catering for different types of ceremony.

Elope in Pigeon Forge and create the perfect day for you.