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24 Hour Wedding Chapels in Gatlinburg, TN

Many couples find themselves asking this question: “Are there 24-hour wedding chapels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?” The answer to that is no. There are zero 24 hour wedding chapels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They do not exist. No, Pigeon Forge doesn't have any either.

While the Gatlinburg wedding industry has some small similarities with that of Las Vegas, getting married at 2:00 AM is not one of them. From people who have lived in Gatlinburg for ten years... let us tell you that Gatlinburg struggles to keep a 24/7 gas station open.

No, we are not kidding. At this point, you may be asking yourself what your options are. This article will discuss those.

Why are you looking for a 24-hour wedding chapel in Gatlinburg, TN?

The first question we have to ask you is why are you looking for a 24-hour wedding chapel in Gatlinburg. We will assume that it is very late and you decide that you must be married right now. The first issue is with the Gatlinburg marriage license. You must have a valid, Tennessee issued marriage license in order to get married here.

While our county clerks' offices are open 6 days a week, they are NOT open late or throughout the night. In addition, no wedding company can obtain a marriage license for you. It can only be obtained by the couple themselves as it must be signed for in front of the county clerk.

Are you sure you are right?

Yes. We live in Gatlinburg and have done over 3000 weddings during our time in this industry. Over a decade, we have never seen nor heard of a 24-hour wedding chapel in Gatlinburg (or the surrounding area). Due to the normal hours held by the office who issues the marriage licenses here, don't expect a 24/7 wedding chapel in Gatlinburg to pop up anytime soon.

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What are my options?

Wait till the morning. Give us a call and we can get a reservation set up for you. You will just need to be sure you can obtain your marriage license before the county clerk's office closes, as we can't marry you without that.

We hope this article cleared up some curiosity surrounding the belief that we have 24-hour wedding chapels in Gatlinburg, TN when in fact, nothing like that exists in this area.

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